What is a Cog?

The transformative power of the correct Question


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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Welcome to the future of online learning…

A cloud based solution that is accessible from a desktop, tablet or phone.

Self-coaching, self-paced

Developed and hosted by Cognician, the genius of the platform lies in the use of something called a “cog”, which is short for “coaching guide”.

Using a cog is like chatting to a coach. The cog asks you the kind of questions a really good coach would ask. These questions are specifically crafted to steer the user’s thinking in new directions and generate powerful, life changing, learning. Because the process is 100% self driven, learning is both personal and transformative. Users also have the opportunity to share key insights that they have gained with other users thus enabling a shared learning experience.

The questions in StrengthsEngage have been generated from hundreds of hours ofStrengthsFinder® coaching and are designed to reveal the subtle nuances of each of StrengthsFinder®’s 34 signature themes and the four Domains. It really is like being taught by a StrengthsFinder® expert.

Have a look at the graphic on the right to see how this works.

Track and report on engagement and change

For team leaders (group administrators), this learning process can be tracked easily.

Group administrators have a birds eye view of all insights shared by all participants. This includes individual user engagement that shows first and last active dates, worksheets, and insights, and allows group administrators to tag learners as well as inactive users. Additional services include messaging, join requests, key indicators and visualised data.