The Transformative Power of a Question

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Take the reflective questioning approach of a coach and combine it with an online platform that supports self-directed and personalized learning, and you have a recipe for creating sustainable change at scale. StrengthsEngage uses coaching guides (we call these cogs) to guide learners with powerful mental models that steer their thoughts and actions to anchor key insights.

Self-coaching, self-paced

Using a cog is like chatting to a coach. The cog asks you the kind of questions a really good coach would ask. These questions are specifically crafted to steer the user’s thinking in new directions and generate powerful, life changing, learning. Because the process is 100% self driven, learning is both personal and transformative. Users also have the opportunity to share key insights that they have gained with other users thus enabling a shared learning experience.

The questions in StrengthsEngage have been generated from hundreds of hours of StrengthsFinder® coaching and are designed to reveal the subtle nuances of each of StrengthsFinder®’s 34 signature themes and the four Domains. It really is like being taught by a StrengthsFinder® expert.

Track and report

Responsive design : The platform is designed to work seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or cell phone.
Follow-through prompts : Set automated reminders to follow through on your commitment to change.
Social learning : Sharing insights, and ‘liking’ and commenting on others’, adds a social layer to learning.
Micro-assessments and surveys : Quantitatively measure user attitudes and shifts in thinking patterns and behavior.
Data visualization : We visualize individual scores and aggregated data at a point in time, and we can show how it changes over time, and according to user characteristics.
24/7 support : Our intercom messaging system offers real-time support.
Powerful administrative backend and analytics : Every user interaction is recorded and time stamped, which 
means we collect a mountain of data (both quantitative and qualitative) from users. When analyzed, the data yields new information and knowledge that can be used for business intelligence.

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