Help your Clients Soar with Strengths

We help you change lives

As coaches ourselves, we understand how much you desire to see your clients develop, grow and succeed. The enthusiasm of becoming a Gallup Certified Coach quickly wanes when one realises the responsibility of helping people discover who they really are. And that is why we would like to help. We want to support you in helping your clients Name it, Claim it and Aim, while at the same time help you earn more money through an annuity revenue stream.

Pick your approach

Partner with a Large Corporate : If you have existing clients or know of businesses who have large numbers of people who have taken Strengthsfinder® then this is an wonderful opportunity to enlarge your impact. At the same time, your earning potential could be anything from $5 000 to $1 million (US) per annum.

Set up your own Coaching Community : You could set up your own community of clients and issues access codes on an adhoc basis. You can keep tabs on who has completed what, gain access to key individual insights and share significant moments with members of the community. Your income potential could range from $3000 to $100 000 (US) per annum depending on the size of your community.

StrengthsEngage is a beautifully designed digital companion that will enhance your reach and impact as a coach. We provide FREE online training and support no matter where you are in the world.