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The ultimate online, learning tool for Gallup's Strengthsfinder


We empower companies with the ability to simply & effectively embed a Strengths Language within their teams.

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“Thriving internal communication about strengths is paramount to developing strengths communities. Before employees can operate and collaborate with strengths in mind, they need to understand and identify with strengths concepts.”

The Best Way to Build a Strengths Coaching Culture, Gallup, 2016

StrengthsEngage is designed to help employees understand and identify with Strengths concepts in an easy to access online learning environment that compliments the coaching process.

StrengthsEngage is a beautifully crafted, online, individualized learning journey. It uses “cogs” to ask carefully crafted questions that generate deep learning.

The journey is designed to help the user “encounter” their specific Strengthsfinder results. This ensures that they can easily understand, identify with and apply their results.

The outcome is the development of a remarkable level of emotional intelligence and personal confidence.

“It was a very positive exercise and I feel more self aware after completing all the cogs and was able to connect all my strengths into a bigger picture. I also realized how my behavior could affect others at or outside work environment.” 

I learned the power of vulnerability and the importance of connecting with others to understand them and even to understand yourself and your reactions within an environment and in different situations.” 

I feel really satisfied. Before this cog I had the impression that maybe this theme was related to pride, but now I know that it´s an important strength in me and allows me to achieve several of my goals.” 

StrengthsEngage is the first step in the journey towards building a Strengths-based Culture. StrengthsEngage is ideal for company wide rollouts of Strengthsfinder where coaching is not immediately available (educates) or as an effective support for Strengthsfinder coaching (reinforces).

Strengthsfinder is Gallup’s leading online assessment that identifies a person’s core yearnings as well as a person’s natural areas of talent.

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